There have been comments made recently about alleviating certain of the rules and regulations that prevent companies like Uber, a proprietor of an established and popular computer application connecting the traveling public with transport providers, from operating in Manitoba and competing with the existing taxi industry. The Manitoba Party fully supports any measure that will diminish or erase the unnatural rigidity and constraints imposed upon the cab industry in all Manitoba towns and cities.

For years, the taxi industry in collusion with members of the governing boards have conspired to limit the supply of cabs and choices available to traveling Manitobans, greatly elevating fees charged. Well, no more. The Manitoba Party will ensure that any person or business may operate freely in serving the traveling public as long as they adhere to minimum standards of operation. With competition comes choice, moderating prices, and a public far better served.

With supply greatly limited lengthy waits result, compelling impatient customers to forgo traditional cabs in favour of walking, opting for a bus, depending upon others for a ride, or driving themselves. The modern form of ride-sharing as confirmed everywhere it exists greatly reduces wait times, often to less than 10 minutes, resulting in an expanding market and opening opportunities hitherto squelched by self-serving interests. The incidence of inebriated drivers causing mayhem, always a peril during holidays, declines drastically when the roadways abound with vehicles of all types available for hire.

Drivers also benefit greatly. They spend far less time in becoming cab drivers. They are alerted when traffic picks up through the application, and consequently may earn good wages whilst driving for shorter periods. With such flexibility, the competition ridesharing companies pose are devastating the traditional cab companies as seen in more mature markets like San Francisco. The only way to compete with the ridesharing companies is to become more like them. If a company or industry ignores, undermines, or deflects a potent threat, it shall surely perish.

If Uber and those firms like them are better for the driver and customer, how can anyone say no?