Manitoba Party Re-Launch

Our Re-launch

The Manitoba Party is ready to re-launch in the New Year. Our objective is winning the next provincial election scheduled for October of 2020. Memberships, constituency associations, candidates, general meetings, creation and adjustment of policy, promoting the Party and its principles, and gathering people and funds will be the priorities.

As you may have guessed, the period running up to and including the election last April left us all exhausted, but satisfied with the achievement. For a newly formed party with few resources and in receipt of Party status almost 2 weeks into the election, the prospect of gaining one or more seats was very poor. But the step taken, though harsh, was necessary. With little knowledge of our existence, the public demonstrated there is a need for new ideas and policies by expelling the enduring NDP Goverment, widely embracing the PCs, and granting the Manitoba Party success in several ridings and respectable showings in several others.

With the election period now 7 months old, the Manitoba Party, the party of big tax cuts, is now turning its attention to the next election in the fall of 2020. We are registered as a provincial political party with Elections Manitoba, and enjoy all the rights and privileges, tax and otherwise, such a designation bestows.
We have formed a Board of directors, comprised of former candidates, to oversee the operations of the Party. They presently appear on the website at under, “Our People.”

Constituency Associations

For the present, our main focus shall be garnering new members and forming constituency associations in each of the 57 ridings in the province. Memberships are only $10 for 2 years or $20 for a lifetime membership. Funds go directly to the Party and will be used to build up a large fund as collateral for funds obtained during election periods. We hope to have the majority of constituency associations operational by the end of 2017. For this, we need you and anyone you feel may be interested in lending a hand.

The tasks of the Constituency Association are to recruit a good candidate that lives in and knows the riding well, raise money for the next election, promote the party and its principles, gather members, and discover the problems in the riding and present solutions.

Each association requires a minimum of 4 people to start: President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary. If you are interested in forming a constituency association in your area or know of any persons wishing to participate, it should be operational very quickly.

The Manitoba Party Constituency Associations keep 90% of the money they raise. This simple measure shall create strong and independent associations. The Manitoba Party does not support special interests. The Associations and their chosen candidates are free to speak their minds on the issues and work solely in the interests of the riding and its people. We only ask that all adhere to proclaimed tax rate reductions.

Policy and Issues

Another area in need of attention is Policy. Because of the rather swift formation of the Manitoba Party and entry into provincial politics and the 2016 election we had little time to spare on forming and explaining our message in the varied areas of interest. We do know that there are many important and troubling issues that a large fraction of people face daily. It is our intent to examine each and present a feasible solution. However, some issues will demand greater attention than others.

Economic issues are central to this party and its formation. The main issue facing Manitobans in this province is a lack of economic growth. Manitoba is in exactly the same position as Saskatchewan was about 10 years ago. We are seeing large numbers of people, the best and brightest among us, leave this province for better lives elsewhere, especially to the west. Unless we change, the departing waves of people and investment will continue and amplify.

The amount of taxes paid by an individual earning even a modest income in this province is exorbitant and punitive, and has been a long time. Consumption taxes are just as elevated and outrageous. Our property tax rates for municipal services and public education are also punishing. The property taxes paid on a home of equivalent value in Edmonton or Calgary are far less than those paid here. Add in municipal fees for sewer, garbage collection, etc, and rates soar. Of note, low housing prices relative to those elsewhere are a sign of depressed rather than flourishing markets.

The simple means to remedy this despairing situation is tax cuts. By drastically lowering tax rates, everyone will have more money with which to spend on the items they need. With government currently taking such large fractions of the funds honourably earned and astutely saved by others and wasting them, we are all the poorer. An economy growing at a meager 1% growth will rise to 107% of its original size after 6 years. An economy growing at 7% per year will grow to a size of 150% of its original size. If government expenditures are held in check, the low-tax and high-growth economy will be far better able to support a certain level of public expenditures than the high-tax and low-growth economy.

Briefly, of the other major issues, Healthcare, almost 43% of the budget, has enjoyed greater budgets amidst growing lines for health care procedures and services. Arrogant and costly management, sated with nearly half the financial resources of the government, is incapable of overcoming repeated failure in alleviating shortages and solving problems.

Manitoba Hydro continues planning and erecting unneeded generating capacity at immense cost, in conflict with local groups of landowners and citizens, and without conceivable returns. Manitoba Hydro is determined through its secretive and reckless efforts to either bankrupt this province or greatly wound its ratepayers. Whichever path, a financial disaster is inevitable.

Despite the exceptionally high costs of public education in Manitoba, the system is failing a good many young people, especially natives and metis; condemning a large fraction to lives of limited income, poverty, crime ridden neighborhoods, and endless government intrusion. All school board management can do is dismissively ascribe its failure to external sources.

The regulatory apparatus in Manitoba is laden with profound government intrusiveness and interference. It’s not an enticement for any business or enterprising individual and often an inducement to leave this province permanently.

Rental housing is scarce because of the regulatory apparatus imposed upon both landlords and renters. By reducing returns and elevating costs, a large number of buildings fall into disrepair or convert to other uses. Renters, faced with growing scarcity, must pay a premium for even meagre accommodations. The City of Winnipeg and other municipalities, always desirous to spend, eagerly levy burdensome fees on the construction of new and existing residences, augmenting rather than diminishing the scarcity.

Child and Family Services are riddled and overwhelmed with scandal, failure, and the abuse and murder of children under their control.

Photo Radar, not designed to remedy a problem, but to extract as much revenue as possible from it, is a costly nuisance for us all.

The welfare system pays and encourages able bodied people to sit at home and do nothing. This wasteful use of public money takes away resources from those people, the disabled and elderly, who truly need the assistance of others.

All options are on the table. And the solutions need not be restricted to exclusively institutional or agency programs, staff and services.

$10,000 Public Finance Challenge

For those of you who do not know, the Manitoba Party has issued a $10,000 financial challenge to any and all regarding a very unusual idea in Public Finance theory. If we are correct, it makes no difference whether a community taxes or borrows to fund public expenditures. We are the first and only party, organization, person or group to conceive of and present such a contrary idea. The prize we shall happily give to the person able to find the flaw in our reasoning. To this date, as absurd as our claim may initially appear, none has ever supplied a refutation, nor do we expect one.

The Party recently completed work on a 5 and 1/2 minute video, which is just beginning to make its way in the world, that details this highly advanced idea and its startling implications. It is in the interests of everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political beliefs and prejudices, to see the idea and challenge presented.

Click below for the Manitoba Party’s Challenge page with video at the top and worded explanation following, and comment box at the bottom:

Click below for the video on Youtube.

We Need You

As a young party, we are looking for ideas and people. If you have any suggestions, we would like to hear them. If you would like to help set up a constituency association in your area, we can put you in touch with others. If you would like to run as a candidate in the next election, getting involved now will the best course. If you would like to help us get the message out, we have a number of avenues from which to choose.

The objective of the Manitoba Party is to make everyone productive, even the disabled. Productive people are wealthy people. The more there are, the wealthier we all become. Any measure that advances this goal we embrace. Any measure that impedes or prevents it we reject.


  1. Aerock Hallberg on December 11, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    I recently moved to Winnipeg, and I am interested in helping in any way I can. I currently live downtown if someone needs a hand in the downtown area please put me in touch.

  2. Christopher Small on April 21, 2017 at 10:37 am

    I have been a lifelong resident of the province of Manitoba, I spent most of my life in the north with several years of my youth spent living in Teulon, under a year working in the Whiteshell area and now I reside in Winnipeg as of the summer of 2016. Having read as much as I can about the Manitoba Party, I have concluded that I do in fact agree with everything that has been stated. Having been employed with Manitoba Hydro now for 8 years, I definitely feel the burden of living in a have not province. Despite my high wage life here is still a constant struggle full of all the anxiety and frustration associated with having an uncertain future. I can not only imagine but have seen first hand the struggle and despair of so many good people who were not as fortunate as myself, I have seen the damage done to so many by the handouts of welfare and would gladly dedicate my life to its end. Therefore, I henceforth shall dedicate all the time and effort I can afford to the Manitoba Party in any capacity the party requires of me. I look forward to hearing from your team and working with you to secure a better future for Manitobans.

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