Our Platform

Manitobans, a tough, hearty and smart group of people, well know the great benefits that life in this province offers. Manitoba was once a province of destination for many persons. We were once admired by our poorer and less populous western cousins. But times have changed.

Today, Manitoba is and has been for 20 years designated a Have-Not province, reliant upon the forced good will of others. Manitobans well know punitive taxes, meager growth, shrinking disposable incomes, deteriorating streets, poor education, growing wait lines for health care, and the costly and expanding dependencies of Government. The policies of the NDP and the Progressive Conservatives when they held power have chased away enterprising and knowledgeable men and women. They have chased away or discouraged good businesses and the jobs they would create. They have allowed small difficulties to grow large through neglect.

So many people have left, but many have remained because they love this place -- struggling as the government strips them of ever greater fractions of their hard earned money. None of the present parties possess an answer to these problems, for spurring growth and reducing taxes and regulations.

To reverse this province’s decline, great changes are necessary. The Manitoba Party has one objective – Real Growth – creating wealth and opportunity for everyone. And the simple means to that end: Tax cuts. The Manitoba Party offers a platform of large tax rate reductions and a simplified tax structure. We shall hold the line on increases in public expenditures and let the private sector drive the economy.

Our Tax Proposals

  • Raise the personal exemption to $20,000 for every taxpayer, to $40,000 per couple, and to $48,000 for a family with any children under the age of 18 years.
  • Reduce the provincial income tax rate to a flat rate of 10% on income above the personal exemption for individuals and families, and to 10% for all businesses.
  • Reduce the Provincial Sales Tax to 5% immediately, or by 1% per year over a 4 year period to ultimately 4%. The choice is yours.
  • No PST charged on all food items, even those purchased within restaurants.
  • Reverse the PST recently imposed by the NDP upon Home, Auto, Business, and Life Insurance.
  • Abolish all environmental charges on food items.
  • All taxes gained from the gas tax will go to building, improving and maintaining roads across the province.
  • A Land Transfer Tax of a $250 flat fee.
  • The abolition of the Aviation Fuel Tax.
  • The abolition of the Payroll Tax ( the Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax Levy).
  • Lowering the property tax burden on condominiums and apartments to 70% of that imposed upon detached and semi-detached residences by freezing current taxes.

Secondary Proposals

  • Abolish all red-light and speed cameras and mobile units, but retain those operated on the roads by police officers. Only the driver will be charged for traffic infractions.
  • Of the total tax revenues raised for education, no more than 10% will be permitted for administration. 90% or more must be spent at the school level.
  • The eradication of a host of regulations that impede trade and commerce.
  • Restoration or transfer of resource and mineral rights to property owners.
  • Removal of the annual Registration Fee charged by MPIC on insured vehicles.
  • Allotment of a share of PST revenues, perhaps 40%, to cities, towns and townships, and counties to mitigate heavy tax claims upon property to fund public expenditures.
  • Allotment of a share of all Gasoline taxes to cities, towns and townships, and counties to fund construction and maintenance of roads.
  • Many more to come.

For those skeptical of such pledges, income tax rates and personal exemptions will be proclaimed law on the very day the Manitoba Party after receiving its legitimate mandate to govern takes office. All other pledges will be fulfilled within the 6 months of the allotted term of office.

Are any competing political parties capable of matching such pledges, of which no less a remedy is required to contain and dispel our numerous and profound troubles?

With the Manitoba Party in power, the people and firms of Manitoba shall have among the lowest tax rates in the country and all the blessings of wealth and security that arise.

People of Manitoba, on election day you may choose 4 more years of drudgery or you may celebrate perhaps the best day of your lives.