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Point Douglas Byelection

Gary Marshall is the Manitoba Party candidate in the Point Douglas Byelection. He has lived in Manitoba most of his life and is currently employed as a Dialysis Technologist in the Health Care field. He dedicates a good portion of his spare time to Public Finance research and theory. For decades he has watched Manitoba stumble while other provinces thrived.

Point Douglas is one of the poorest ridings in Manitoba. Its good and resilient residents have survived decades of meddlesome NDP and PC misrule. Punitive taxes, costly regulations, and expensive bureaucrats have driven away companies and jobs, left buildings vacant and rundown, encouraged family breakdown, created an impoverished underclass, left many poorly educated, and aided the criminal element.

To break this harmful influence, the Manitoba Party has devised a number of tax measures and policies: lower taxes and flat taxes, welfare & CFS & Minimum wage reforms to dispel many of the problems and leave the people of Point Douglas, as well as all Manitobans, enriched, independent, and prosperous. All that is needed is your vote.

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Our Platform

The 10% Flat Tax
(after basic personal exemption and small business deduction)

Taxes are a penalty or fine, and they work with the same effect upon a speeder as upon a labourer or business owner. The higher the tax, the more an individual will seek to avoid the penalty, either by fleeing to a place with a lighter burden or spending more time on the sidelines. Manitoba with its heavy tax burden has chased or kept away far too many persons and firms and left large numbers doing very little on the sidelines.

The 10% flat tax will give Manitobans the lowest income tax rate in the nation and act as a magnet for people and firms across the country. With one rate applied evenly for everyone, there will be no more complex and costly tax schemes to shift the burden onto others, and none singled out for harsh or special treatment. We shall retain those people leaving, encourage those already here to work harder, and entice those having left to return with others fed up with higher tax rates elsewhere.

It would be an easy affair to complete one’s taxes. Take off the personal basic exemption and pay a flat 10% on the remainder. Provincial taxes may be done on a postcard. What a savings in time.


Cutting Tax Rates Increases Tax Revenues

  • Cut PST to 5% from 8%
  • Increase personal exemption to $20,000 per person, $40,000 per couple and $48,000 per family
  • Reduce tax rate to 10% for firms and individuals after exemptions.

Manitoba needs real growth, like that found in Saskatchewan these last 10 years, like that found in Ontario in the mid to late 90’s where a $10 billion deficit was erased in 4 years – growth by Tax Cuts.

Cutting tax rates will increase, not lower, revenues. A tax is a deterrent, penalty, or fine. It is what we use to discourage speeders and criminals. Tax or fine heavily, and the economy shrinks. Reduce the heavy penalties, and the economy will grow. If an economy with a GDP of $1 billion and devoid of taxes is subjected to a 50% income tax, many would expect revenues of $500 million. Wrong! The economy will shrink, perhaps to half its size, as people and businesses leave or stop working their magic. The yield may be only $250 million. The reverse is true for a heavily taxed economy. Remove the taxes and it will grow from say $500 million to a $1 billion in size.

In public finance, 2 + 2 in tax rates applied never equals 4 in revenues gained. By diminishing excessive tax rates, instead of sluggish growth of 1 or 2% per year the economy will thrive at rates of 5, 6, or 7%.

Compounding over a 6 year period, a 1 per cent real growth rate would spur an economy to 107% of its initial size. An elevated real growth rate of 7% per year would spur the economy to 150% of its original size, yielding a far greater amount of revenues with lower tax rates.

It is time our government stopped fining people heavily for the productive things they do.


Training Wage

The Manitoba Party calls for a Training wage to allow those without skills, experience, and a high school diploma to get the job experience they need to make their way in the world.

Minimum wage laws are the most anti-employment legislation a government can create. When government pushes up minimum wage rates, employers cut back and choose those with knowledge, skills and experience over those without. The only way the unskilled and inexperienced can compete is by offering to work for a lower wage. Without this option, they face unemployment and poverty. In Manitoba, minimum wage rates are extremely high and with youth rates of unemployment to match, especially among the aboriginal and metis. A minimum wage protects the high wages of well-paid employees at the expense of the young, unskilled, and badly educated.

It’s time to change this with a Training wage, with terms fixed and freely agreed to by employer and trainee.


Welfare Reform

For those in need of financial assistance, the Manitoba Government offers a meagre flow of funds and services designed to lock the recipient into poverty and hardship for the rest of their lives. If one should obtain a job, the province reduces their welfare payments by 100% of earned income after a small allowance, penalizing the recipient for lessening their dependence upon the taxpayer.

There will be no more reductions of 100%. If one receives $600 per month from the state and $700 in employment earnings during a month, only $350 (50% of $700) will be deducted from their welfare cheque. The welfare payment becomes $250, a big reduction, and the job income is $700, yielding total income of $950. A big difference in outcome to the benefit of all.

One may also insert an exemption on the first say $200 of income. With wage income of again $700, the welfare payment becomes $600 minus $50% of ($700 - $200) = $600 - ($250) or $350.
Total income would then be $700 + $350 = $1050.


Kill Photo Radar

A presentation by Wise Up Winnipeg on Photo Radar made quite an impression. It is clear city and provincial officials sacrifice good signage, good road engineering, respect for traffic laws or general laws, respect for our civic institutions to line their pockets.

They employ any number of devious tricks to trap motorists with minor, but costly infractions. They prey upon the confusion of drivers caused by signs without purpose, badly signed roadways, contradictory and excessive signage, poorly reflective signage, neglect of fallen or damaged signs. They conceal elevated rates of collision caused at photo-radar intersections. They impose drastic changes in road speeds in school zones knowing they create traffic hazards, traffic collisions, and aggravate dangers to children. They do not adjust the standard 4 second amber times on higher speed roadways to accommodate longer stopping distances. They use bad road engineering or road hazards to their advantage rather than fixing the problem. They impose fines in Manitoba that are 2 and ½ times greater than elsewhere. They place mobile radar vehicles in poorly designated and bewildering construction zones and school zones, especially on Sundays. And the traffic regulations and laws just keep growing with new rules on smoking in vehicles, cell phone usage, seat belts, etc. MPIC erases large blocks of merit points for the slightest traffic violations sending vehicular insurance costs soaring.

Wise Up Winnipeg has the right recipe for the abolition of Photo Radar. To avoid costly cancellation fees, the Manitoba Party will demand the province adhere to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada or MUTCDC. This simple and wise action will starve the traffic enforcement racket of funds, and effectively KILL Photo Radar. The program may then be legislated out of existence.


The Madness of a Carbon Tax

By embracing the idea of and seeking to implement a Carbon Tax, the PC Government has betrayed the people of Manitoba. The Manitoba Party fully opposes this ridiculous measure, which is another onerous charge on the province’s people and companies, heavily engaged in a struggle for survival. The Carbon Tax will not change the climate, environment, or atmosphere.

The Manitoba Party considers the science in support of Man-made Global Warming little better than a fraud or hoax. Using the erroneous argument of the warmers, the earth’s carbon budget is at least 10 times and more like 20 times that of Man’s. Let us use 1/10. Manitoba’s carbon budget, barring the neutralizing carbon sink of agriculture, will be approximately 1/35 of Canada’s, which is approximately 2% of Man’s or 1/50. Even if Manitoba were to shut down all carbon emissions overnight,  the so-called effect upon the earth’s climate, if the science were correct, would be about nil or 1/35 X 1/50 X 1/10 = 1/17500. The amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere by the complete shutdown of all industry in Manitoba would not even register. Even if Manitoba reduced its carbon emissions by 5%, then the effect would be 1/17500 X 1/20 = 1/350,000, which amounts to nothing. By their very own argument this so-called urgency will cost Manitoba in industry and jobs dearly for a benefit that does not exist.

To this is the sordid level the PC Party, the proclaimed patron of low taxes and small government, has descended. In 16 years, the leadership of this Party has learned nothing from repeated failure. How little they differ from the NDP, which has rarely turned from performing favours for special interests at the expense of us all.

In a few short years, the people of Manitoba may visit upon the PC Government, the authors of this ill-conceived madness, a reckoning they shall never forget.


90% Education Solution

Squander and maladministration are 2 words that I use frequently to describe our public education system. The demands upon the taxpayers for funding school boards and schools have risen to exorbitant levels, yet the results are dismal. A large segment of the population, nearly 50% of those of native origins, is leaving our schools badly educated and condemned to face a lifetime of limited opportunity and finances, and grievous struggle. So the Manitoba Party is looking at a complete reformation of this broken or failing system so that all children receive the resources required to equal their chances with others in life.

The education system is there to fund schools and the education of children, not ever expanding bureaucracies. The Manitoba Party will institute a rigid rule that at least 90% of all funds raised for education will be spent in schools, under control of the principal. When needs arise for pre-school, post-school, and lunch time programs, funds are there. If a daycare is needed, funds are there. If some children present enduring difficulty with reading or arithmetic, money for special tutors is there. If some children come from poorer homes, the principal at his or her discretion may provide food, clothing, or school supplies with ready funds. If a child wishes to participate in some activity, approval for equipment may be found in the principal’s office. There need be no need for a tedious and perpetual communication with School Board officials for funding local needs.


Madness at Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is out of control. Costs mean nothing to this company as overruns for numerous projects threaten to bankrupt this province. Some past examples: Hydro’s Head Office, from an initial cost of $75 million to $283  million;  Wuskwatim, $900  million to $2  billion;  Pointe du Bois, a bill that rose to $2.4 billion for a make-over.

Projects now underway: Keeyask, initial cost $3.7 billion risen to $8.7 billion, to produce a meager 700 megawatts. Transmission line BiPole III, with cost estimate moving from $1.9 billion to $4.6 billion. Keeyask power is not needed and must be exported to the US. Produced at 12 cents/KwH it will sell to the US for less than 3 cents. Fracking there has changed everything. Export revenue from USA utilities more than halved from 2005 to 2013 from $828 million to $357 million. Now Manitobans will subsidize US consumption for years.

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has a rule that the costs of any project not yet producing power will not figure into current rates. That rule the PUB long ago ignored. The incoming PC Government could have terminated these projects with losses estimated at $2 to $3 billion, but its witless leaders chose to go ahead. This disaster, the equivalent of 75 Bomber stadiums, will cost dearly ratepayers in perpetual increases or taxpayers in assumption of Hydro debt, all so that Manitobans may subsidize generously US consumption. Madness!