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Gary Marshall

Gary has lived in Manitoba most of his life and is currently employed as a Dialysis Technologist in the Health Care field. He dedicates a good portion of his spare time to Public Finance research and theory. For decades he has watched Manitoba stagnate whilst other provinces thrived. He believes Manitoba can grow broadly and swiftly under the right conditions, and that lower taxes and less onerous regulations are the means to this blessed and enriching objective.

Joe Chan


Joe Chan was born in China, immigrated to Canada, and now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is married with 5 children. He is a local restauranteur and very active in Manitoba politics. He was long associated with the NDP, then the Liberals. Dissatisfied with the policies and product of both, he formed the idea of beginning a new political party to rise above the special interests that so pervert the political system that serves the public. The Manitoba Party is the realization of that pursuit. 

Malcolm McKellar

Malcolm is from Nesbitt, Manitoba where he has been running a century old family farm since 1983. He is married to Barb and they have two grown children. In April of 2000 Malcolm accepted a position with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Farm Income Program Directorate in Winnipeg. During his 15 year career with Ag Canada he continued to raise a family in Nesbitt and remained active in the business of farming and community. Agriculture is his life force and he is proud to continue to be a part of this essential industry. Malcolm and Barb enjoy a residence in Killarney, MB along with their century farm house, which they are currently renovating. Malcolm believes that the Manitoba Party is the only party with economic vision that will allow the province to grow at a faster rate than what we have seen in the last 40 years.

Bill Sullivan


Bill has lived in Manitoba his entire life. He is recently retired, having worked as a Manitoba Hydro Station operator for 23 years and in the construction industry for 22 years. Bill has spent a long time studying Geo-politics, Central Banking, and Fiat Currencies. He sees our political systems in a serious state of decline with 40% of a frustrated and untrusting population failing to engage and vote. Bill was involved with the Canadian Action Party, The Canadian Freedom Party, The Council of Canadians, and Liberty Dollar. He is now involved with Freedom Force International and Time Bank. Bill emphatically states he is not and never will be politician. He believes the Manitoba Party’s economic platform will bring needed change.

Ajit Kumar

Board Member

Ajit was born and raised in India. He spent 18 years in Martial Arts moving from competitor to Instructor, and then to Secretary under the Sports Department and Olympic Association of India. He visited around 30 countries in competition. Liking Canada the most he chose to settle here. He lived in Ontario and BC before making Manitoba his home. He lives in Transcona with his wife and three boys. He has worked as a security officer and is an Approved Trainer, PISG, Manitoba Justice. He completed his Diploma in Law Enforcement and Protection in 2010. He worked throughout North America as Long Haul Trucker and was awarded the Diamond Driver Safety Award. Ajit is now self-employed in the trucking business. Having discovered numerous problems within the trucking industry, Ajit campaigned for reform by writing numerous letters to the related government departments and politicians. With little success he decided run for public office to fix these and many other issues.


Wayne Sturby

Wayne was born and raised in Manitoba. Shortly after graduating from River East Collegiate, he moved north to work in the Mining Industry. While living and working in Snow Lake, Wayne met the young lady who would become his wife. They have been married now for 36 years. Wayne moved his family to The Pas for 4 years and then back to Winnipeg where he worked at the Kelsey School Division in various capacities, one as a substitute school teacher. His family became involved in the Trucking business for a period of 20 years. Then. 6 years ago, Wayne became a Corrections Officer at Headingley Correctional Centre. He has always had a keen interest in politics, and is very concerned how its practice has become nothing more than a grasp for power.

Albert Ratt

Board Member


David Sutherland

David has been married to Monica Sutherland for 34 years and they have two adult children. He has lived in Dawson Trail for 31 years, and currently runs his own business, and has served on the local town council for 10 years. He believes that management of government is fairly simple if one remembers two things. Firstly, always remember one is there to serve the voters needs, and, secondly, clearly identify what services and level of services the voters expect from its government. Nowhere in society is the KISS, (Keep-It-Simple-...)  principle more desperately needed today than in government.

Ed Paquette

Board Member

Ed Paquette has lived his whole life in Manitoba, and has watched a large portion of his classmates leave for better opportunities elsewhere.  Trained as an engineer, Ed has a keen eye for efficiency and would like to improve Manitoba's economic efficiency.  With the right tax cuts we can grow Manitoba's economy by increasing the labour participation rate, lure back Manitobans that have left and attract more businesses here to create jobs.  We have been left behind by other jurisdictions, and Ed would like to turn this province around as a growth leader.

Daryl Newis

Board Member