Liquor Sales and Distribution

There have recently been pledges to loosen the rigid controls placed upon the sale of beer, liquor and spirits in the province. We again fully support this progressive measure, but wish to go much further in advocating for not only a loosening of said controls upon sales, but also upon the distribution of these products.

The peoples within this province are the most diverse in the country. It is doubtful that one large distributor, no matter how diligent or attentive, could stock and store a multitude of products imported from producers throughout the world and profitably satisfy the plurality, seasonal, and capricious tastes of its customers. Specialty stores and distributors could easily attend to and complement the present efforts of the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission in serving the larger population centers as well as the many smaller towns and less populous regions. Thus, one may freely choose to buy their preferred product at the nearest liquor store, specialty wine shop, convenience outlet, supermarket, or department store. Certainly, the Commission is an able competitor and should retain its dominant position, armed with decades of managerial and operational experience as well as choice locations. But we feel that the function of providing such services to greater and lesser populations is best performed in competitive markets.