Kill Photo Radar

Kill Photo Radar

A number of party candidates sat through a presentation by Mr.Todd Dube and Mr. Chris Sweryda of Wise Up Winnipeg on Photo Radar and traditional traffic enforcement.  We have never seen anything like it. Before the presentation, it was difficult to think that our leaders and city managers, while extolling the safety of citizens, would deliberately diminish their safety in the base pursuit of lining the fat pockets of Government. Were we wrong!

That presentation, the result of years of deep and thorough investigations, thousands of hours of research, an incredible persistence in hunting down and exposing the ruthless conduct of our politicians and public servants at the municipal and provincial level, and the complicity of courts, left us all outraged and deeply worried. If these corrupt practices infest the traffic operations of the City of Winnipeg as well as traffic enforcement and the courts, where else does it go?

It turns out that city officials and provincial officials happily sacrifice good signage, good road engineering, respect for traffic laws or general laws, respect for our civic institutions for more of the almighty buck. They employ or defend any number of devious means to trap motorists with innocuous, but costly infractions. They prey upon the confusion of drivers caused by small print on road signs, signs without purpose, inadequately signed roadways, contradictory and confusing signage, excessive signage, speed signs that are poorly reflective of head lights, neglect of fallen or damaged signs, They alter traffic stats to conceal elevated rates of collision caused at photo-radar intersections. They impose drastic changes in road speeds in school zones knowing they create traffic hazards, raise traffic collisions, and aggravate dangers to children. They do not adjust the standard 4 second amber times on higher speed roadways to accommodate longer stopping distances. They remove posted speed limit signs, especially the 50km variety where most speeding infractions occur, so that one never knows what the speed limit is. They use bad road engineering or road hazards to their advantage in issuing tickets rather than fixing the problem. They impose fines in Manitoba that are 2 and ½ times greater than the average elsewhere. They position mobile radar vehicles near speed change boundaries to capture a decelerating vehicle having just moved inside the lower speed limit zone. They place mobile radar vehicles in poorly designated and bewildering construction zones, especially on Sundays when labourers are nowhere to be found, reaping massive returns in elevated fines. And the traffic regulations and laws just keep growing along with the financial take with new rules on smoking in vehicles, cell phone usage, seat belts, etc.. MPIC erases large blocks of merit points for the slightest traffic violations sending vehicular insurance costs soaring.

We are often told that speed kills. In truth, speed is not the cause of most accidents. The bulk of traffic collisions occur because of distracted driving, speeding in unsafe or hazardous conditions, driving under the influence, poorly engineered intersections and light controls, and deteriorating roads which we have in abundance.

It is the policy of the Manitoba Party to abolish the abhorrent photo radar system and all the shameless, dangerous, and malicious practices it creates and fosters against the traveling public, who only ask for good and safe roads.

“Winnipeg stands alone as the only city on record that ignores the engineering standards, and then specifically targets those areas most deficient with vigorous enforcement,” said Todd Dube.

Wise Up Winnipeg has the right recipe for the abolition of Photo Radar. To avoid costly cancellation fees, The Manitoba Party will institute a regulation forcing every municipality within this province to adhere to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada or MUTCDC. With the regulation in place, the standards of good road engineering, amber light times, signage, speed limits, light controls must be met before tickets are issued. This simple and wise action, starving the traffic enforcement racket of funds, will effectively KILL Photo Radar. With costly cancellation fees avoided, the program may then be legislated out of existence, releasing Manitobans from ever again having to grapple with such an abhorrent and disgraceful operation.

And our gratitude is certainly owing to Mr. Dube and Mr. Sweryda. They both deserve recognition and commendation for the great service performed for the citizens of Manitoba in exposing this vile affair. Perhaps they will receive the Order of Canada