Manitoba Party

Constituency Associations


The next and most important step for the Manitoba Party is the formation of constituency associations in each of the 57 ridings throughout the province. The Manitoba Party is officially registered with Elections Manitoba. It has Party Status and possesses all the rights and privileges, tax and otherwise, such a designation bestows, and so shall each constituency association.

The constituency association requires a minimum of 4 people: President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary. Its primary tasks are to recruit a good candidate, who lives in and knows the riding well, raise money for the next election in the Fall of 2020, promote the party and its principles, garner members, and discover what the problems are in the riding and devise and present solutions.

The Manitoba Party Constituency Associations keep 90% of the money raised, which shall make each strong and independent. The Manitoba Party does not support special interests. The candidates are free to speak their minds on the issues and work solely in the interests of the riding and its people. We only ask that all adhere to our proclaimed tax rate reductions.

If you are interested in forming a constituency association in your area or know of any persons wishing to participate, it should be operational very quickly. We hope to have all of them up and running by the end of 2017.

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