Manitoba Party

About the Manitoba Party

Why are we here?

The Manitoba Party formed in September of 2015 to bring prosperity back to Manitoba. We in Manitoba have seen this province struggle and decline for 40 years and more, with money and people disappearing for better opportunities elsewhere. What happened to us? Manitoba was the place to be for many immigrants and westward travelers. Winnipeg was once a first class city filled with busy shops and people. We were admired by our poorer and less populous western cousins. Today, Manitoba is and has been for 20 years a Have-Not province, reliant upon the forced good will of others. That admiration has turned to pity and even ridicule. IT IS TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!

Our political leaders repeatedly fail to work in the public interest. Schools have less money and a growing number of youths are left poorly educated while the costs of education rise all the time. Business investment is a fraction of that found in Saskatchewan. There has not been a hospital built in Winnipeg in 40 years and the number of beds has declined while the need grows. Health care in the northern regions is almost non-existent. The city and province operate a traffic enforcement extortion racket in the name of safety while they compromise and diminish safety. The cost of living rises steeply along with tax rates while disposable incomes shrink. Rotten and deteriorating roads are found everywhere while the politicians work on building hotels or stadiums. Needed capital, investments, and people leave the province for better opportunities or lives elsewhere. Government dependencies and bureaucracies expand in cost and size with little benefit for those supplying the money. The mentally ill are forced to live under bridges in the harshest winters on earth.The cities and towns beyond the perimeter receive little attention or help.

None of the present parties have an answer to the growing and multiplying problems. They never seem capable of lowering the heavy imposition of taxes and costly regulations, even a little. And their policies and actions seem designed to increase their severity. We surrender their hard-earned money to leaders and politicians who eagerly promise, deliver so little, and waste so much.

How are we unique?

We need big changes and bold moves to rid ourselves of the shameful Have-Not label. As no-one else will undertake the task, we will do it and gladly.

We have formed a new political party in this province, known as the Manitoba Party, to put this province back on top.

We are a passionate and energetic group of people who want to solve problems rather than bury or create them. We are neither left wing nor right wing, but everything in between. Among us are former Liberals, NDPers, and Conservatives, and even several libertarians. Most of us are not politicians. We are just regular folk with disparate backgrounds and varied experiences. Each has knowledge of or a personal interest in a specific area of government policy. And those unique views and experiences will serve us well.

Our platform at a glance

Manitoba has seen little or no real growth in its economy for years. Equalization payments, money supplied because of Manitoba's sub-standard economy by the few remaining Have provinces, has kept this provincial government from facing a cold reality. Manitoba needs growth --- growth of the kind supplied by the private sector, by individual firms and people --- growth that does not require a subsidy or handout to provide a good or service.

And this needed and enriching growth will come from tax cuts - BIG TAX CUTS and FOR EVERYONE. The Manitoba Party will cut business taxes, personal taxes, consumption taxes. We will simplify the tax structure. We will to encourage those who produce and discourage those who do not. We will rid this province of the laws and regulations that hinder growth and strengthen those that stimulate it. We will enhance the wealth and freedoms of ALL Manitobans. Not just those of a privileged few.

By lessening the weight of taxation and regulation, the productive and innovative powers of the citizens and firms of Manitoba, rejuvenated and inspired, shall work their magic.