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$10,000 Public Finance Challenge

The Manitoba Party formed in December 2015 to bring prosperity back to Manitoba. We in Manitoba have seen this province struggle and decline for 40 years and more, with money and people disappearing for better opportunities elsewhere. What happened to us? Manitoba was the place to be for many immigrants and westward travelers. Winnipeg was once a first class city filled with busy shops and people. We were admired by our poorer and less populous western cousins.

Today, Manitoba is and has been for 20 years a Have-Not province, reliant upon the forced good will of others. The former admiration has turned to pity and even ridicule. IT IS TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!

Our Mission

The lowest tax rates in the nation

Serving all Manitobans and never special interests

A government that increases the wealth and prosperity of Manitobans

The highest standard of living in the nation

Heavy penalties and sanctions for any political or government official that violates the public trust.

Our Platform

No other political party is matching our formidable pledges, a necessary remedy to confront and solve the problems facing Manitobans.


Constituency Associations

The Manitoba Party is now forming Constituency Associations in each of the 57 ridings in the province to field a candidate, promote the party, and raise money.

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Upcoming Events

The Manitoba Party will be hosting a number of events to share our Platform and the Path to Prosperity for Manitoba. Check out and register for our events.

Manitoba Party